Michael Campbell, Ph.D.


Působil na katedře do roku 2021


E-mail: michael.campbell@upce.cz

Location: 07007, building G

Research Interests
Metaethics: the role of theory in ethics; moral realism; naturalism
Applied ethics: health policy; multiculturalism
Asian philosophy: Kyoto school

Web: https://upce.academia.edu/MichaelCampbell

Dec 2012    PhD in Philosophy
Thesis: Being Human: Fine Tuning Ethical Naturalism

Sep 2008    MPhil (Std.) in Philosophy
Thesis: Wittgenstein and Builders: The Concept ‘human being’ & its Role in Ethics
May 2010    MA (Cantab.)   
Jun 2006    BA (Hons., Cantab.) in Philosophy


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Wittgenstein and Perception, Campbell, M and O'Sullivan, M (Eds) Routledge    Feb 2015

  • (with M. O’Sullivan) Introduction in Wittgenstein and Perception, Feb 2015
  • (with M. O’Sullivan) Wittgenstein on Perception: an Overview in Wittgenstein and Perception, Feb 2015
  • 'Not lost in loss itself': On the Consolations of Morality in Sato, Sugimoto and Sakon (Eds) CAPE Studies in Applied Philosophy and Ethics Series Vol.2, CAPE Publications, Kyoto, Japan pp.55-65, Apr 2014


  • Review of Wittgenstein, Finitism and the Foundations of Mathematics by Marion, M. for the British Wittgenstein Society, Jun 2015
  • Review of The History of Ethics by Irwin, T. ch.48 ‘Hutcheson: For and Against Utilitarianism.’ in The Philosophical Forum, vol. 42 issue 3, 2011, Sep 2011
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Japanese (日本語能力試験3級); Cantonese (basic)