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Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies



The Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies is a young, diverse, and dynamic department with a significant international dimension in its research and teaching. There are 22 academics in our department, 7 of them from abroad. We run 6 study programmes, 2 of which are in English. We have 29 PhD students, of whom 13 are international. We foster intensive interdisciplinary cooperation between the Philosophy section, Religious Studies section, and the research-based Centre for Ethics. In the last 6 years, we have published 9 books with high-profile publishers such as Routledge, Palgrave, and Springer and won a number of prestigious grants, such as the EU-funded excellent research grant “Centre for Ethics as Study in Human Value” and two Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowships. We have been active at the University of Pardubice since 2000.


History of the Department

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Academic Staff

Information about academic staff, contacts and department head is here.




Study programmes

The Department runs the following study programmes:


Religious studies

  • Bachelor programme Religious studies (Study programme in Czech)
  • Master programme Religious studies(not open for new students any more)
  • Doctoral study Religious studies (not open for new students any more)

Joined study (Bachelor)

  • Joined study Philosophy - Religious studies
  • Joined study Religious studies - Philosophy