Bachelor programme "Philosophy" (CZ)

The Bachelor study of philosophy covers the classical philosophical topics with respect to moral philosophy and political thought, as well as to the question of education in Euro-American society.

The study aims at mastering the intellectual backgrounds of this culture and therefore at developing the students’ own orientation in it and their critical thinking. This presupposes that they become acquainted with the history of philosophy with a special focus on the formation and constitution of the modern intellectual culture and individuality, moral philosophy, philosophy of education and political philosophy. The students should cultivate critical thinking not only in discussing the particular systematic problems in relation to their formation in the history of philosophy, but also in relation to their position in contemporary social and spiritual developments.

This programme of study also focuses on Czech thought tradition, represented mainly by the philosophy of Jan Patočka and the philosophical Comeniology. The topics from the European and American thought tradition cover the formation of modern thought (German classical philosophy), hermeneutics, phenomenology and post-structuralism, pragmatism and neo-pragmatism. The study of archaic and classical ancient culture is being pursued at the department in these actual contexts as well.


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