State Final Exams

Bachelor exams – plan of topics and the form of exams
The Bachelor exams are commissional (committee of three members) and they consist of two parts: 1) written dissertation and 2) oral examination.

1. The written dissertation in the recommended length of 35 normed pages must include a summary in English, French or German (1 normed page). The student chooses a topic on the basis of the list of topics offered by the department, or alternatively consults the future supervisor with another topic. The dissertation is to be defended during the oral examination and there are 30 minutes allocated for the defense. The students should see both to the quality of content as well as to grammar and style that will be considered with equal rigour as the expertise in the topic. We recommend to follow the university norm ISO 690 as to the quotation rules (further information and guide to writing essays and dissertations see here – link in Czech only). 

Guidelines to the final dissertations:

2. The oral exam consists of: 

I. The defence of the Bachelor dissertation (30 minutes)

II. Two domains of questions (concrete questions for download here – in Czech only)
a) Philosophy and history of philosophy (with respect to the philosophy of education) – 14 structured questions with bibliography.
b) Philosophical Comeniology and anthropology – 14 structured questions with bibliography. 
The students draw lots one question from each domain; they have approximately 10 minutes for each question during the examination.

The oral exam should take 60 minutes on the whole.