Fees and Stipends

Fees and Costs

The students of the program pay NO tuition fees, but there are two minor administrative fees to count with:

  • Admission Fee for applicants: 2000 CZK (approx. 80 EUR) – one-time non-refundable fee to be paid when applying for studies
  • Administrative fee: 1000 CZK (approx. 40 EUR) – to be paid once each year at the beginning of academic year

On top of that, minor fees can apply to:

  • BA Diploma translation and certification 
  • BA Diploma nostrification: 600 CZK (approx. 24 EUR) when applied for at our Faculty
  • VISA/residency permit (depending on the country of origin; in general for most non-EU citizens)

Czech Republic is a country with relatively low living costs, we nevertheless advise you to check the following to estimate your monthly expenses:

For more details see here.

Stipends and Scholarships

All our MA students can apply for the following stipends (see here for more detailed information and links):

  • Accommodation stipend (up to 550 CZK per month for students with permanent residence outside Pardubice)
  • Merit stipend based on the achieved study results (up to 2 640 CZK per month beginning the second year of study)
  • Scholarships to cover travels to conferences and study stays
  • generous Department Internal grants to support research activities, international mobility and preparation of publications
  • generous Department Publication Bonus for publications produced during your studies and credited to our university
  • Stipends for study assistants at the Department