Publication Bonus for graduate students

There is new support for the research activities of graduate (MA and PhD) students of our department. If the financial situation allows, we would like to reward you for academic publications (papers, books etc.) that you publish during your studies. We hope that this support will allow you to devote more energy to your academic careers.

If you publish an academic text (dedicated to the University of Pardubice) during the calendar year, we will pay you a financial reward in the following year. For a typical output, i.e. an academic paper published in a field-relevant peer-reviewed journal, the amount of the bonus would be CZK 10,000 or CZK 25,000. The specific amount of the stipend will depend on the quality of the text: we will peer-review your paper at the department, and if we evaluate the text as standard, you will be entitled to a reward of CZK 10,000, if above standard, a reward of CZK 25,000 (if we consider the text to be of poor quality, we will reduce the stipend or not award it at all). In the case of academic texts other than papers, we will adjust the amount of remuneration accordingly (e.g. we would try to pay a higher stipend for a high-quality book, a lower one for a good review).

How to apply: if you publish any of your academic texts in the calendar year (you have to dedicate the text to the University of Pardubice), send an email to Filip Grygar ( by 31 December at the latest. Attach the text itself and include information about where it was published. The department will then peer-review the text and pay you a stipend in the appropriate amount. If you are finishing your studies in a given calendar year, and therefore it would not be possible to deliver you the scholarship the following year (payment of the scholarship is conditional on you still being a student), write to Filip Grygar well in advance of your graduation (at least three months in advance). In the year of graduation, you can also ask for a stipend for unpublished texts that have already been submitted for review.

The payment of this support depends on the financial possibilities of the department and the number of published texts. Therefore, unfortunately, we cannot promise this support without reservation and would have to reduce or cancel it if the financial situation deteriorates. However, we will try to pay it in this way in the longer term.