Support for Mobility Abroad

Support for mobility abroad


What is this support for?

• The aim of the support is to finance selected foreign trips of KFR students and at the same time to support them in actively presenting the results of their research abroad. 

• This support can be paid by the faculty or department.

Who can apply?

Undergraduate and students of MA programme at the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies at the UPCE Faculty of Arts can apply for faculty support for a foreign trip. It is not contingent on active participation in a conference or workshop; more information about applying and disbursement of funds is available here Faculty support for 2022 will be announced soon.

PhD candidates and students of MA programme at the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies at the UPCE Faculty of Arts (including students in combined studies) can apply for departmental support according to the conditions below. This support is paid only after the trip has taken place. 

What conditions must be met?

• Each student can submit a maximum of 5 different applications.

• To participate in the competition, an approximate plan for the trip abroad must be drawn up, together with an estimate of the expenses involved. This travel proposal must be submitted according to the instructions below.

• This support is primarily intended to fund active participation, so it is necessary to specify which conference or workshop the student would like to attend and with which contribution. It may be the case that at the time the student applies for support they do not yet know whether their paper has been accepted. (If a student is promised funding for an overseas trip, but their paper is not accepted at the conference, no award will be paid.)

• There are no restrictions on the destination of the trip; it can be any foreign country.

• Selected students will be supported, and the trip must be completed by the end of March 2023. 

How much money will I receive?

• There is no maximum amount of support, but as travel support resources are limited, the amount paid is unlikely to cover all the costs incurred in making the trip. (For example, support will cover transport to the conference venue and accommodation, but not per diems.)

How and when can I participate in the competition?

• A proposal for an international trip, together with an approximate estimate of expenses, should be submitted electronically by 25th March 2022 to Applicants will be informed about the outcome by 17th April 2022. 

• After the trip is completed, a report must be submitted to the Dean's Office.