Reward for Submitting a Grant Application

Reward for submitting a grant application


The Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies has decided to encourage students to apply for external grants. We will pay students a financial reward for submitting and eventually succeeding grant applications.

The reward is not contingent on the success of the application; the submission of the application itself will be rewarded. However, if the application is successful, the reward paid will be higher. (See below for exact amounts.) 

The payment of this award is dependent on the current KFR budget and will not be paid if the allocated funds are exhausted.


Who can apply for this award?

PhD and students of MA programme in Philosophy and Religious Studies at KFR FF UPCE (including students in combined studies).

How much money will I receive?

• The award for a standard challenging grant submission is 2,000 CZK. If the application is successful, an additional CZK 5,000 will be paid.

How do I proceed if I am interested in applying for support?

• Ideally, interested applicants will send information that they plan to apply for an external grant at the beginning of the year to This can also be done during the year if the applicant decides later. Once the grant has been submitted, a confirmation of the grant submission should be sent to the above address and a copy of the grant application should be attached.


List of selected external grants:

Erasmus +





International Visegrad Fund 

EEA/Norway Grants 

Mummert Scholarships for the Executives of Tomorrow from Central and South Eastern Europe (MA students only)

Summer schools in Bavaria