List of scholarships provided by the UPCE

List of scholarships provided by the University of Pardubice


UPCE Scholarship Regulations 


Scholarships paid regularly

  • Scholarship for the achieved academic results 

- eligibility is automatic based on the results of studies in the previous academic year (it is not applied for)

- for AY 2021/22 is provided in two levels 3.000 CZK and 1.000 CZK per month

  • Accommodation scholarship

- for AY 2021/22 is set at 550 CZK per month

- eligibility is also automatic (see Scholarship Regulations)

  • Social scholarship

- from 1st January 2022 is 4.050 CZK per month

- the scholarship must be applied for at the study department together with the notification for the purpose of awarding the scholarship issued by the State Social Support Office


Scholarships paid in one lump-sum

  • to support study abroad 
  • for outstanding research or creative achievements
  • for representing the school in the field of sport or the arts
  • Rector's and Dean's prizes for the best university qualification theses
  • in recognition of personal assistance services to a disabled student at UPCE
  • and others