Admission requirements and how to apply

Deadline for application: April 30th, 2022

Electronic Admission Application


Admission requirements

Candidates must have completed B.A. in Philosophy. In exceptional cases, the admission committee can admit B.A. in a different program.

Candidates must be proficient in academic English both spoken and written, at the level corresponding to CEFR B2+. The level of proficiency will be tested during admission interviews that will be conducted in English. Candidates can attach certificates of language proficiency to their applications.

The application includes, as an attachment, a sample of the candidate’s academic writing in English, of 1500-4000 words. This may be a part of their BA thesis, a final exam of a course they have passed, the proposed project of the MA thesis, a philosophical essay on the topic of their own choice, or a summary of a relevant philosophical work. The text should have the proper academic form (with references etc.)

The committee will evaluate the submitted documents; the quality of the sample writing is of central importance. The committee will assess the language standard as well as the candidate’s ability to deal with the topic in a clear and adequate way. Each candidate can get 20 points at maximum; only those who will have earned 10 or more points will be invited for the admission interview.

The following admission interview will be in English (it can be conducted online, via Zoom or a similar platform). The exam will take the form of a discussion about the submitted sample writing and the committee will be proving the candidates‘ language proficiency and their orientation in the concerned philosophical domain. The candidate can get 30 points at maximum from the interview; 10 for their language proficiency, 20 for the discussion of the text itself.

The evaluation of the results

Candidates can get 50 points at maximum (20 for the submitted writing, 30 for the interview) and the overall minimum required for admission is 25 points. Successful candidates are admitted based on their ranking; the maximum number of candidates admitted is 25.

The possible waiving of the admission exam

The Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy can waive the admission exams if the maximum number of submitted applications (including the admission fee paid) does not exceed the capacity of the program.


How to apply?

Documents to be submitted with the application form:

1. Scanned copy of your Bachelor’s diploma and Diploma supplement if you have it. If you are to graduate after the deadline for submitting applications, this document must be submitted by the enrolment date at the latest. 
2. Language exam certificate (optional, see above).
3. Sample of academic writing in English (1500-4000 words, see above). 

You submit these documents jointly as one pdf attachment with the electronic application form (here). The application fee of 2000,- CZK (approx. 80 EUR) is payable by card or bank transfer, see instructions in the last step of electronic application.


Deadline for application: April 30th, 2022
Admission Exam Interviews: 8th June 2022
Enrolement: (will be specified later)
Start of study: September 19th 2022 (please note that you might need to arrive earlier if you will be accommodated in the University dormitories)

After you are accepted to study

1. Please check your study visa requirements as soon as possible. For applicants from non-EU countries, these might be a condition of enrolement in study. Minor fees apply. Contact the international office to get assistance (see contacts below).

2. Before you start your study, you will be invited to get formally enroled into study at the Study office (see contacts below). In order to be enroled, you need to present the following documents concerning your Bachelor diploma:

  • Certified copy of your Bachelor diploma and Diploma supplement. If the documents are not originally in Czech, Slovak or English, they must be translated into one of these languages and the translation must also be certified.
  • If you are not a graduate from Czech, Slovak, Polish, Hungarian or Slovenian university, you will need to have your foreign education verified (so-called nostrification). If you don't have it and want our Faculty to do the verification for the sake of your enrolment with us, there is a fee of 600 CZK. To apply for that, you will need the certified translation and copy of your Bc diploma and Diploma supplement and the "Certificate of accreditation" confirming that the foreign university has the right to give university education. Please contact the Study office to get assistance (see contacts below).

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