Wellbeing, Harm, and Religion: Religious Studies Doctoral Conference 2021

We warmly invite you to the "Wellbeing, Harm, and Religion", the fifth year of the international doctoral (and master's) conference in religious studies held in Brno, Czech Republic. You can look forward to the following keynote speakers:

  • Michal Pagis, with the lecture “Re-enchanting therapy”
  • Andrea de Antoni, with the lecture “Spirits in the Material World: An Anthropology of Religious Healing, Affective Affordances and Affective Technologies”
  • Radek Kundt, with the lecture “Effects of extreme ritual on physiological and psychological health”

The deadline for submitting active participation applications is April 30; we accept applications for passive participation until August 15. You can apply via our website https://religionistika.phil.muni.cz/WHeRE2021.

For a more detailed abstract, look at call for papers.