New Edited Volume: Jan Patočka and the Phenomenology of Life After Death

We are happy to announce the publication of this new anthology on the philosophy of Jan Patočka, entitled Jan Patočka and the Phenomenology of Life After Death! The initial idea for the volume was forged during our workshop “Death and Afterlife” in November 2021. The collection contains the work of Ondrej Beran, Niklas Forsberg, Antony Fredriksson, Tomas Hejduk and Hugo Stranberg all affiliated with our Centre. 

About this Book: This volume contains for the first time in English, Jan Patočka’s seminal essay “The Phenomenology of Afterlife”, as well as contributions surrounding and analyzing this text. In his essay, Patočka reflects on our relation to the dead and on how the departure of a loved one affects our continued existence. The premise of Patočka’s investigation is that our existence always takes place by and through an originary and reciprocal “being for others”.

The contributors in the volume extend the field of inquiry into the wider phenomenological and post-phenomenological discussion of death by being cognizant of how works of literature can broaden our understanding of the care of death, grief, forgiveness and non-reciprocal love. Also included are reflections on issues of philosophical anthropology, community, collective memory, and the ecstatic nature of life – issues that can all be related back to Patočka’s initial reflections, but which nonetheless radiate into a myriad of directions. This volume appeals to students and researchers in the field.