Disagreement, (in)tolerance and political discourse: provisional programme

Disagreement, (in)tolerance and political discourse

12th – 14th September 2019, Pardubice, Czech Republic



Workshop Programme


THURSDAY, 12th September

10:00–10:30     Registration and welcome address

10:30–11:30 Andrea Sangiovanni (King’s College London; European University Institute): Is Europe Unjust?


11:45–12:30   Tim Heysse (KU Leuven): Theory, Disagreement, Power

12:30–14:00   Lunch

Postgraduate session I

14:00–14:30 Erik Hallstensson (Uppsala University): Epistemic Relations and Political Disagreement

14:35–15:05 Regine Torbjørnsen (Humboldt University of Berlin): Extreme Opinions in the Digital Public Sphere and the Potential for Habermasian Critique

15:10–15:40 Lester Chen (Erasmus School of Law, Rotterdam): Is It Possible to Be a Tolerant Racist?


16:00–16:45 Pavol Hardoš (Comenius University, Bratislava): Political Correctness as a Discursive Instrument of Conservative Rhetoric


17:00–17:45  Zora Hesová (Charles University in Prague): Are “Culture Wars” about Values in Politics or about Politics of Values?

18:00 Wine reception

19:00 Dinner


FRIDAY, 13th September

10:00–11:00 Anna Elisabetta Galeotti (University of Eastern Piedmont): Agent Relative Reasons for Toleration


11:15–12:00 Michael Campbell (University of Pardubice): Public Reason in an Age of Inequality

12:05–12:50 Sebastián Rudas (University of São Paulo): Conservative Religious Coalitions in Parliament and the Duties of Public Reason

12:50–14:20   Lunch

Postgraduate session II

14:20–14:50 Kristina Khutsishvili (Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa): Political Emotions and Identities

14:55–15:20 Sylvie Bláhová (Masaryk University, Brno; Northwestern Italian Philosophy Consortium): Pluralism and Diversity: for the sake of Equal Respect


15:45–16:30 Kanako Ide (Soka University, Tokyo): Acrobatic Friendship among Philanthropists under the Condition of Polarity


16:45–17:45 Anna Durnová (Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna): Emotions, Democracy and the Post-Factual Threat to Expertise

19:00 Dinner


SATURDAY, 14th September

10:00-10:45 Hugo Strandberg (University of Pardubice): On Moral and Political Disagreement

10:50–11:35 Petra Chudárková and Filip Tvrdý (Palacký University, Olomouc): Cognitive and Moral Laziness


11:50–12:35 Nora Hämäläinen (University of Pardubice): A Case of Moral Change: LGBTQ-Rights Lessons vs. Religious Dogmatism





Workshop venue: The historical building of the University of Pardubice, nám. Čs. legií 565, Pardubice, Room 03004

Organisers: Matej Cíbik, Kamila Pacovská. Attendance is free of charge. Registration is not necessary, but if you know in advance that you are coming, please let us know (e-mail kamila.pacovska@upce.cz).

For further information please e-mail Kamila Pacovská.