Admission Exams

Topics and requirements of the Master admission exams

Study programme:  B6101 Philosophy
Study field: Philosophy 6101R004
Mode of study: full-time
Length of study, academic title: 2 years, Mgr.
a) Form and requirements of the admission procedure
The applicant must be at least bachelor graduate from a school of the university type. As a proof he or she attaches to the application form or at least on the day of the admission exam an officially certified copy of the diploma and of the diploma supplement, alternatively the certificate about the state final exam including the confirmation of the passed exams and credits. The graduates of other than philosophical bachelor programme are moreover required to pass an additional differential exam by the beginning of the summer semester of the first year. The exam in the extent of the oral part of the bachelor state final exam is to be passed before at least two member committee named by the head of department. This exam is not granted with any credits. 
The application exam has the form of an interview that awards points (maximum 30 points). 

b) The Evaluation of Results
The over-all evaluation of the admission exam includes the following parts that also receive amounts of points: The over-all results of the bachelor study (maximum 30 points), bachelor dissertation (maximum 20 points), the total mark of the bachelor examination (maximum 20 points). The amount of the assigned points corresponds to the marks, i.e. the maximum point count corresponds to the best evaluation mark. The over-all sum of points (maximum 100) determines the ranking of applicants from which the first 20 with the highest point count will be accepted for study.  

c) Rules for the possible exemption from the admission exam:
Exemption from the admission exam is not possible. 

It is necessary to submit the application either on the standard form or electronically (for details see the link „Prospective students”).